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Bor SPA-Club Hotel - Velingrad

Deals & discounts in Bor SPA-Club Hotel, Velingrad

SPO 3 march (02.03.2018 - 05.03.2018)
Half board
Room type3 overnights
DBL room
2 Adults 2 Adults
48€ per person
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2 Adults 2 Adults
51€ per person
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2 Adults 2 Adults
59€ per person
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Room prices include:
 Overnight with breakfast and dinner for all the guests, including a festive dinner under the accompaniment of Dimitar Hristov on 03.03 and the special participation of Gloria on 04.03)
 Use of an indoor pool with mineral water;
 Use of a hot tub with mineral water;
 Use of the sauna;
 Use of fitness;
 Use of steam bath;
 Use of Moroccan bath;
 Use of a relax zone;
 Free WIFI on site;
 Free parking;
 Professional children's animation daily from 09:30 - 12:30 and 16:30 - 22:00

 A tourist tax of BGN 1.31 per day is mandatory for each guest.
Booking deposit: 100%.

The Bor SPA-Club has been built on a site of 4750 sq. m. The popular Bor Club has been reconstructed and modernized, an entirely new part has been constructed. The Bor SPA-Club has the category of a 4-star tourist site and is fit for year-round accommodation, spa therapy and active recreation. The facility is of a "closed" type, it is used exclusively by homeowners and guests. It consists of: a residential part, a therapeutic and diagnostic centre, entertainment facilities and service facilities.

Location оf Bor SPA-Club Hotel, Velingrad

The very location of the Bor SPA-Club is a reflection of the endeavour to couple the beneficial with the pleasant. The Bor SPA-Club is located 800 m away from the downtown of Velingrad, in a beautiful pine park.

Distance to center: 260m
Distance to airport: 130km to Airport Sofia
Distance to railway station: 1km

Address: 9 Nikolai Hrelkov str., Velingrad 4600

Facilities in Bor SPA-Club Hotel

Standing in the northern or eastern part of the Club you can enjoy the view of this lovely town, while if you position yourself in the southern or eastern part, the high-rising ground of the Rhodope Mountain will loom in front of you, and the majestic tops of the Rila Mountain will tower in the distance.
The Bor SPA-Club offers you all the amenities for active recreation: mineral and pure drinking water, sewerage, electric power, telephone, satellite connection, a security surveillance system, 24-hour parting lot. It is very easy to reach your personal respite and amusement place: just follow the renovated road, if you come in a car, or the neat stone paths across the park, if you are coming back from a walk.
The Bor SPA-Club is the successor of the biggest amusement park in town - the Bor Restaurant. Built in the end of the 1970s, it was one of the most attractive and popular places in Velingrad. It is a part of the unforgettable memories about innumerable pleasant moments for many Bulgarian and foreign tourists, who visited the town throughout the years. But the amusements at the Bor SPA-Club are consistent with the spirit of the time and, naturally, with the desires of the customers, that is why famous singers, musicians and actors are invited as guest artists at the entertainment places of the Club. The Bor SPA-Club offers you a chance to have a memorable vacation, as well as to have your own nook for recreation and entertainment. The Bor SPA-Club can also host your business meetings, conferences or team building workshops in an atmosphere that precludes highly pleasant and productive work.

Rooms and Accommodation in Bor SPA-Club Hotel

The following premises are offered in the residential quarters: 87 apartments with floorage ranging between 65 sq. m. and 92 sq. m. and 52 studios varying between 33 sq. m. and 37 sq. m. They are fit to live in all year round, luxurious and fully completed on a turn-key basis. All dwellings are supplied with mineral water, there is central electric and district heating with individual electricity and heat accounting.
The apartments are spacious. They have separate terraces to the south, to the east and to the west. They present an extremely beautiful panorama view of the mountains and the town. Each apartment consists of: a bedroom, a living-room with a kitchen, a bathroom and a lavatory, a corridor and a terrace.
The bedrooms and living-rooms have satellite and internet connection, a fire warning system and telephones. The flooring is laminate parquet, there are solid doors.
The bathrooms are equipped with faience tiles and sanitary facilities, a tub, a telephone and accessories. There is terracotta flooring, as well as a water-heater and a separate air-vent.
The corridor is equipped with terracotta flooring and a built-in wardrobe.
The terraces are felicitously combined with the external facade of the building, they are stone-faced and wood-paneled.
The studios have either separate terraces or no terraces at all. Due to that they have different floorage. Each studio is made up of a bedroom and a bathroom with a lavatory.
The bedroom is provided with satellite and internet connection, a fire warning system and a telephone. The flooring is laminate parquet, there are MDF doors with natural veneer.

Food and dining, restaurants and bars in Bor SPA-Club Hotel

The Bor SPA-Club sees both to your active recreation and to your entertainment. There are six different catering places at your disposal suitable for any mood and hour of the day. If you are planning a grand festivity, go for the restaurant, which has two separate halls and a terrace with a beautiful panorama view. You are looking for authentic Bulgarian atmosphere: what will suit you best will be the coziness and the warmth of the burning fireplace in the traditional Bulgarian tavern. There is nothing better than a supper in the open air: it is provided by the Summer Panorama Garden restaurant, with its built barbeque and a special corner for young children. The lobby bar is expecting you for a refreshing drink, a relaxing conversation or a pleasant end of the day. You can enjoy the gorgeous view of the town and of the mountains from the panorama cafe at top the club.

Recreation & entertainment in Bor SPA-Club Hotel


Relying on a combination of the proven curative properties of the clean natural environment, on the qualities of the mineral water of the Chepino spring, as well as on specialized SPA equipment, the Bor SPA-Club offers you the traditional methods and the latest achievements in health care. An individual programme is developed for each guest including: treatment by using water procedures, mineral water drinking, physiotherapy, inhalation therapy, climate therapy and a healthy diet. The water procedures are performed with mineral water combined with healing herbs, aromatic oils, salts and seaweed. Paraffin, mud and lye therapy is performed. The mineral water has a highly favourable effect on the human body: it stimulates the cardiovascular system and strengthens the nervous and endocrine systems. It has beneficial impact on the bone and muscle system and on the joints. It improves metabolism and the functioning of the endocrine glands. It has a tonic and relaxing effect on the body and eliminates fatigue.

Healing programmes are offered as well

- rapid weight loss programmes
- anti-stress programmes for relaxation and functional recovery
- body building and face building
- anti-cellulite programmes
- anti-aging programmes
- psychotherapy, electrosleep, music therapy

You will discover your personal moments of respite at the SPA centre. Make use of the numerous options it offers you: swimming-pools, an outdoor jacuzzi, sauna, massage rooms, etc. You will feel your tension and anxiety wither away while you attain spiritual and bodily harmony under the guidance of the aerobics and yoga instructors.

SPA centre

- therapeutic and diagnostic section (a functional diagnostics room: electrocardiograph, echography apparatus, veloergometer, and other specialist equipment; clinical laboratory: biochemical blood analysis apparatus, a microscope and centrifuge and other equipment);

- balneotherapy section (hydro and aero-massage bath tubs, Vichy shower, Sharco shower, Cleopatra bath tub, pearl bath tub, and therapeutic magnet bath tub with chromo- and music therapy)
- physiotherapy section (iontophoresis, biopulser, ultrasound, D'Arsoval, solux, impulse magnetic field and ultra high frequency - UHF)
- kinesitherapy, aerobics and yoga section
- indoor swimming pool with an outdoor sunbathing site
- sauna
- steam bath
- Turkish bath
- fitness centre with a spinning studio
- massage rooms
- solarium with a water therapy section
- outdoor jacuzzi. .